Company Profile

Established from the year of 1985,we are engaged in supplying forged steel products.

Having a full line service from smelting,forging,heat treatment,surface process to logisitics.Since 1985,we’ve served thousands of customers in abroad and domestic market,familiar with the standards in different countries.

In the continuous advancement of our business, we have also found more comprehensive needs of global customers.

Since 2016,we’ve broaden our range of products,invested a forged products factory and set up two main warehouses aiming to provide a better service relating steel products. With this, we have made a huge effort,this allows us to respond to our clients’ needs in the format they require with a high degree of flexibility and speed.

At Qilu, we mainly provide products including:

Our quick response time is made possible by our extensive inventory of products and our fast delivery service, thanks to our excellent location and convenient transportation with more than 30 years experience,these all made us to make a steel handling method.

Vision And Values

They shape our culture and characteristics. They serve as a compass for our actions and behaviors, and describe what we stand for.

Qilu History

Established from the year of 1985,we are engaged in supplying forged steel products.

Qilu Story

The key to QILU’s success has always been our continuous ambition to develop, improve and innovate our steels and related services.

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We have rich experience in hangdling steel orders for custormers with professional process.

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  • Long-term customer relationships
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  • Favorable orders follow-up management
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