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1045/C45 Steel

1045/C45 steel is defined as medium carbon steel which has 0.4%-0.5% Carbon.It offers good weldability, good machinability, high strength and impact properties,but low in hardenability because of lack of suitable alloying elements.

1045 Round bar is used in a variety of industry sectors for applications requiring more strength than low carbon mild steels. Some typical applications for 1045 round bar are axles, bolts, connecting rods, studs, rams, pins, rolls, spindles, ratchets, crankshafts, torsion bars, sockets, worms, light gears, guide rods etc.

Advantages of carbon steel
  • Cost-effective: Carbon steel is relatively inexpensive to produce, requiring only small amounts of alloying elements to achieve the desired mechanical properties.
  • High strength: Carbon steel has higher strength than ordinary steel and maintains good mechanical properties even at high temperatures. This makes it the preferred material in many important application areas, such as construction, shipbuilding, automotive, etc.
  • Easy to manufacture: Carbon steel is a very easy material to machine and manufacture, and can be cut, drilled, punched, etc. through a variety of machining methods, greatly facilitating the production process.
  • Good ductility: Carbon steel has good ductility and can be processed by forging, extrusion, stretching, etc. according to their needs to achieve different shapes of finished products.

In conclusion, carbon steel is a cost-effective, high-strength, easy-to-manufacture material with good ductility that is widely used in various fields.

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Chemical Composition(%)
ASTM A2910450.43-0.50 -0.60-0.90≤0.04≤0.05 -


EN 10083-2

JIS G4051S45C0.42-0.480.15-0.350.60-0.90≤0.03≤0.035 -
Mechanical Property
Section Size mm≤ 1617 – 4041 – 100
Tensile Strength Mpa700-8506500-800630-780
Yield Strength Mpa≥ 500≥430≥ 370
Elongation in 50mm %≥ 14≥ 16≥ 17
Impact Charpy J≥ 30≥ 30≥ 30
Hardness HB210-245195-235185-230
Heat Treatment Conditions
Relieving550°C – 660°C.Cool in air
Forging850°C – 1250°C.Cool in a furnace
Normalizing870℃-920℃.Cool in still air
Annealing800℃-850℃.Cool in a furnace
Hardening820℃ – 860℃.Quench in water or brine
Tempering400℃ – 650℃.Cool in still air

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Qilu steel has two big warehouses ,one of them is located in Wuxi ,Jiangsu province .We have more than 12,000 tons of inventory, covering alloy steel,tool and die steel, stainless steel and other steel products in different sizes.We also provide different shapes of them which include 


Qilu has a large stock of rolled and forged bars from Dongbei Special Steel ,Shi-Steel ,Huai-Steel with a short delivery time .We also stock other products which can cover carbon steel ,alloy steel ,tool and mould steel,stainless steel in different shapes and sizes.Our stock of steel exceeds 12,000 tons all year round.


In the steel workshop, metals are heated and subjected to high pressure to forge them into various shapes and sizes of parts, components, and equipment. These products can be used in various industries, such as aviation, automotive, construction, and more.

Shandong Qilu lndustrial Co.,Ltd.established from the year of 1985,we are engaged in supplying forged steel products.Having a full line service from smelting,forging,heat treatment,surface process to logisitics.We’ve served of customers in abroad and domestic market,familiar with the standards in different countries.Since 2016,we’ve to broaden our range of products,invested a forged products factory and set up two main warehouses aiming to provide a better service relating steel products.


Backed By Leading Special Steel Manufacturer

Fully supported by the Qilu Special Steel Co., Ltd. & with our deep connection with other steel producers in China, customers can find steel products efficiently with our assistance.

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We continue to make a difference in our sector with our expertise, professional production and inspection team.

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We work hard to raise the level of efficiency in all our processes to a level that can compete internationally.

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Considering your expectations from the very beginning; Production process and after-sales solutions for all our needs.

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Thanks to our professional production and transportation team, your products are being prepared on time.

Our Excellence

We are committed to furnish superior quality products at economical price with schedule consistency. It is our endeavor to follow the principles of total quality management. For our pursuance of Total Quality Management system.

The organization has developed quality objectives and work plans for quality management. We follow stringent quality control norms by reviewing and monitoring each production processes. This allow us to upgrade our quality processes to superior levels.

Our team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece is attached with test certificates and reports. We are continually improving our quality to serve our clients better.

We provide Relevant Chemicals & Physical Analysis Certificate along with the supply of Materials, according with the International standards.

Quality that inspires customer confidence

Quality is given utmost importance in our company because we believe our survival depends on it. Implementing best quality management practice at every step of manufacturing and ensuring excellent quality product is manufactured and delivered to the customer. Such dedication is the hallmark of Sunrise Quality Assurance plan. Our state of the art and modern testing equipments ensures superior quality and sustain ability.

Additional testing & Services provided
  • Destructive & Non-destructive tests like Chemical Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing Hydro testing
  • Metallography tests
  • Spectra Analysis etc.
Industries Served

No one word better describes the range of industries and applications served by QILU. 

Steel is the most versatile metal that finds extensive use not only in industrial applications but also across a spectrum of our day to day life. The demand for steel is all time high in the international market. 

Experienced To Ensure On-time Delivery

As a professional steel production company, we strictly implement ISO standards throughout the production line to provide consistent high-quality products. Our plentiful inventory and fast shipping improve the accuracy and timeliness of orders. With in-house advanced test and measurement tools, we ensure that every component meets your required specifications.

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Welcome to Qilu, with sales company in Shandong ,and special steel company in Jiangsu province with two warehouses in the Wuxi and Shanghai, we provide steel products solutions in domestic and abroad.

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