Motor vehicles

At Qilu we provide a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry, we support all and every step of the process related to this industry, we provide solutions from supplying the steel used to make parts to very metal rakcs delivering them during production.

At Qilu, we know that tubular steel is part of the primary structure, often part of the supports and tools that shape the car. They can be part of the interior of a vehicle or component, or even external parts like exhaust pipes or bumpers, which is why we offer specialist fabrication to meet their specific project specifications.

At Qilu, we supply steel for special tools for the manufacture of parts, structural components, suspensions and auto parts, whether by hot forging process, precision forging or warm forging, die casting and non-ferrous gravity casting alloys, steel stamping (hot or cold), stamping, drawing, and even for molding plastic.

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