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Welcome to Qilu, with sales company in Shandong ,and special steel company in Jiangsu province with two warehouses in the Wuxi and Shanghai, we provide steel products solutions in domestic and abroad.

Get the power of a great brand

You can benefit not only from using our steels in your products but also by associating those products with our powerful, trusted brands. We offer world-class support in terms of banners, brochures, roll-ups and other materials that will boost your presence at trade fairs and your overall marketing efforts.  

In the continuous advancement of our business, we have also found more comprehensive needs of global customers.

Since 2016,we decided to broaden our range of product,investing a forged products factory and setting up two main warehouses aiming to provide a better service relating steel products. With this, we have made a huge effort,this allows us to respond to our clients’ needs in the format they require with a high degree of flexibility and speed.

Brands that have collaborated so far

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You'll join a network of professional, high-quality organisations whose business has grown as a result. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Proven concepts for tried and tested products.
  • Extensive marketing support including brochures, advertising and exhibition materials.
  • Training and technical support, including workshop, production, sales training, etc.
  • Strong Customer Concept.