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At Qilu we sell a wide variety of special steels, for parts and structural components of fuselage, landing gear and aircraft engines.
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At Qilu, we distribute a wide variety of steels for the manufacturing of tools, for stamping electric motor parts, as well as the manufacturing of rotor shafts for single-phase and three-phase motors.
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Wind turbines

At Qilu we offer a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry, we support all and every step of the processes related to this industry,, we provide solutions that range from supplying steel for the of manufacturing of parts, to the very metal rakcs that convey them during production.
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Motor vehicles

The structure of the vehicles we commute to every day is a moving space created out of steel. The different structures of locomotives are manufactured internally or externally from tubular steel, and we manufacture and distribute various gauges or thicknesses, round or square, and sheet metal or blanking.
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Rail tracks and trains

In addition to being an important part of the supply chain in the creation and production of means of transportation, we support them by designing and making racks, pallets and containers that facilitate the transportation of various elements of the industry.
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Qilu is parts of the chain supply of commpanies which are dedicated to the manufacturing of machinery and heavy equipment, our steel is parts of the components and accesories that are used in tractors and agriculture machinery, which are sold and distributed in the national and international market.
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