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AS 1065-1988(Australian Standards)

SEW_550(German standard)

ASTM A 29-A29M-05(American standard)

ASTM A255-99(American standard)

ASTM A322-07(American standard)

ASTM A370-05(American standard)

ASTM A370-08A(American standard)

ASTM A388_A388M-09(American standard)

ASTM E45-05(American standard)

ASTM-A514-A514M-00(American standard)

EN10025-1-2004(European standard)

EN10025-2-2004(European standard)

EN10025-3-2004(European standard)

EN10025-4-2004(European standard)

EN10025-5-2004(European standard)

EN10025-6-2004(European standard)

DIN EN10083-1-2006(European standard)

BS EN10083-2-2006(European standard)

BS EN10083-3-2006(European standard)

BS EN10084-1998(European standard)

DIN EN10228-1(European standard)

BS EN10228-2-1998(European standard)

BS EN10228-3-1998(European standard)

BS EN10228-4-1999(European standard)

BS EN10250-1-1999(European standard)

BS EN10250-2-2000(European standard)

BS EN10250-3-2000(European standard)

BS EN10250-4-2000(European standard)

EN583-1-2-UT(Flaw detection standard)

SEP1921-84(Flaw detection standard)