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We are engaged in supplying forged steel products.Having a full line service from smelting,forging,heat treatment,surface process to logisitics,since 1985,we serve hundreds of customer in abroad and domestic market,familiar with the standard in different countries.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel refers to a type of steel that contains carbon as the main alloying element. Carbon content can vary from about 0.05% to 2.0%.

Alloy Steel

In addition to iron and carbon, other elements are added to steel, which is called alloy structural steel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless acid-resistant steel, which is resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media.

Tool&Mould steel

Mould steel is a material that is used to manufacture the molds, including cold-punching mould, hot forging die, die-casting mold, and more.

Bearing Steel

Bearing steel, also known as high carbon chromium steel, has a carbon content of about 1% WC and a chromium content of 0.5%-1.65% WCR.

Spring Steel

Spring steel is an alloy that can withstand intense twisting and bending without becoming distorted.


AISI 4130 alloy steel is a medium carbon, low alloy steel in ASTM 29 standard.


4140 is a type of steel that belongs to the class of low alloy steels, which contains chromium and molybdenum as the primary alloying elements.

Application Industry


At Qilu, we sell a wide range of specialty steels for parts and structural components for airframes, landing gears and aircraft engines.

Wind turbines

At Qilu, we distribute a wide variety of steels for the manufacturing of tools, as well as the manufacturing of rotor shafts for single-phase and three-phase motors.

Motor vehicles

We provide a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry, from supplying the steel used to make parts to very metal racks delivering them during production.

Rail tracks and trains

We manufacture and distribute in a wide variety of gauges or thicknesses, in round or square forms, as well as sheet metal or blanking.


We support them by designing and making racks, pallets and containers that facilitate the transportation of various elements of the industry.


The quality and manufacturing processes tubular steel, guarantee strength and presicion in the shape, making them ideal for the equipment used in the agro-industry.

Service Comes First

QILU steel are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. Contact us for any questions or concerns. Your feedback is welcomed and helps us improve our service. Thank you for choosing us as your partner.

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Welcome to Qilu, we provide steel products solutions.
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We serve hundreds of customer in abroad and domestic market.
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Strengthen our global and domestic market leadership in specialty steels.
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Welcome to Qilu, we provide steel products solutions in domestic and abroad.

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QILU STEEL always takes our customers’ complaints as a kind of support to our business. The feedback is helpful for our improvement. Your comments, suggestions and complaints are welcome. We will quickly improve our products and services based on your feedback.

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Superior customer service, exceptional quality, and reliable delivery has made QILU a trusted partner to many large corporations and enterprises. We pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements, and look forward to continuing to serve this important segment of the market.